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Tammy P.

Tammy is one of our Seasoned Landscape designers that is located at our San Jose (Trad’s) location. Take a look at some of her latest work and submit a form below to work with her directly.

Expert Installation

If you are not looking to install the plants yourself you can speak with Tammy about our professionally trained staff that can help you install the perfect design you worked on with her. Our staff are professionally trained in order to offer high-quality landscaping installation services. We are experts in big and small jobs and treat every single one with passion and with the customer in mind. 

Some of Tammy's best designs

We offer complimentary consultations for any yard projects big or small! Whether you need a complete design for your HOA, plant advice, or just some creative ideas, we got you covered! 
Tammy can do designs for any job big or small, even if you just need some personalized advice for a small flower bed, we can help! 

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See Some of Tammy's Work

All of Tammy’s designs exceed customer’s expectations but here are a few highlights!

Some of the work Tammy has done designs for are:

Interested in working with Tammy and get started on your landscape project?

Give us some details and the zip code of the project so we can get you to the right person and help you with your landscaping project.

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