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Meet Your Next Landscape Designer

Based out of our San Jose Location:

Jay M.

Jay is one of our Lead Landscape designers that is located at our San Jose (Trad’s) location. Take a look at some of his latest work and submit a form below to work with him directly.

Antonio M.

Antonio is an architect that has over 20 years of experience. Antonio has found a passion for landscaping through designing buildings and realized how important and yet often overlooked the design of the landscaping outside homes is. From this Antonio has gained a passion for plants and and how landscaping can improve the environment of your home. As someone who wants to get others excited about landscaping as well he wants to make it easier for others to spend time outdoors. Antonio has loads of experience and takes your ideas and blends them into an amazing design that meets your needs and budget while guiding you to include more intentional plants to fit your needs.

Kevin H.

Kevin is one of our experienced landscape designers that has been in the landscaping and garden nursery industry his entire career. Kevin is one of our most seasoned experts on plants but is one of our more well rounded designers with experience in hardscaping, lighting, pavers, drainage, and much more! whether you are looking for a complex large project with many different services or if you need someone to help re-do your garden beds, Kevin is the right man for the job!


Maia Is one of our creative landscape designs. We always love seeing her projects come to the finish line so we can see what unique and beautiful design she has come up with this time. Maia has been in the landscaping industry for years and has worked on beautiful landscaping projects ranging from small gardens to large golf courses! As our go-to designer for coming up with unique solutions and with such a great personality, shes the right one for your next landscape project.

Based out of our Fernandina Beach Location

Aimee U.

picture of aimee

Aimee is our senior Landscape Designer for our Fernandina Beach Location. She has been with Liberty since 2014 and in her 9 years has done thousands of Landscape designs and projects with us. It is hard to drive through a neighborhood in Fernandina and Amelia Island without seeing one of her amazing landscape designs! Though humble about that fact Aimee is an amazing designer and will work with you on any commercial or residential design project you might have.

Bruno A.


Bruno is one of our more experienced designers with 18 years of experience. Originally coming from the West Coast, he has been in Florida and working for Liberty for over a year now. Bruno is amazing at giving well thought out and detailed designs and is a industry expert in all of our services including, irrigation, pavers, plants, drainage, lighting and much more!

Matt G.

headshot snipped from video

Matt Is one of our Lead Project Managers and is located at our Fernandina Beach location. Matt has been with Liberty for the last 5+ years but has been in the landscape industry for over 30 years. He has done thousands of landscape designs and installation jobs in the Fernandina area and is your seasoned expert on pavers and hardscape for the Fernandina location.-

Katelyn C.

katelyn clardy headshot

Katelyn Is one of our Designers and is located at our Fernandina Beach location. She has done many landscape designs and installation jobs throughout the Jacksonville and Fernandina area over the years for Liberty Landscape Supply. Katelyn can work on any project big or small and has done well transforming small yards into amazing landscapes while maximizing the use of your outdoor space in very unique ways. 

Based out of our North Main Street & Fernandina Location:

Ellen H.

Ellen Is one of our Seasoned Landscape designers that is located at our North Main Street location. Take a look at some of her latest work and submit a form below to work with her directly.

Based out of our World Golf Village Location:

Nia G.

Nia is one of our designers that started at our San Jose location but has since moved to our new location in World Golf Village. Nia is a Jacksonville Native but started her career in Charleston, South Carolina. Many of her designs on beachfront homes in Island palms, Sullivans island, Kiawah island and more! Nia is really good as working with her clients to get a desired look and is excellent at understanding how to meet the needs and wants of her clients even if her clients need a little more guidance with their landscape design. 

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