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Red Maple

Mature Height

40 to 60 feet

Mature Width

35 to 45 feet


Full Sun

Flower Color

Red foliage in Autumn

Foliage Color

Green foliage in Summer



Growing Zones

4 to 9


Acer Rubrum

One of the most vibrant Florida trees in Autumn, Red Maples are lush trees that look great in front yard landscapes.

Water Requirements: Moderate. Prefers to stay wet, but can be drought tolerant once established. Will need plenty of water to get established.

Soil: Acidic, well-draining soils are preferred, but does fine in any conditions.

Growth Rate: About 2 feet per year.

Bloom Time: Leaves change to red in Autumn.

Temperature: Cold and heat hardy. Lose their leaves in winter.

Pruning: Not needed.

Tips: New growth on Red Maple trees appears red, so this tree could add color in spring and summer, too!

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Bloom Season

Cold Tolerance

Growth Rate