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Info from a Beekeeper

How long have you had bees? I’ve been keeping bees for a little over 2 years, I’m a third-generation beekeeper ?
What kind of plants do you keep in your yard? I keep a plethora of pollinator plants in my garden not only for bees but for other pollinators such as butterflies and birds.
-Lion’s ear
-Mexican Heather
-Bat Face Cuphea
-Passion Vine
What are some of your biggest challenges? Some of the biggest challenges of backyard beekeeping are pesticides from neighboring homes. Protecting the hive from Varroa Mites, Hive Beetles and Wax Moths which can lead to (CCD) Colony Collapse Disorder. Make sure to stay protected especially if you are new to beekeeping (I was stung 18 times!). When doing a hive inspection, make sure it is a clear sunny day with not a lot of wind. Bees can be more aggressive when the weather is cloudy, rainy or windy and will affect the bees temperament. It can be a harm to your pets and neighbors and even yourself.
Any interesting facts you’d like to add?
-Honeybees have 5 eyes
-They can fly up to 20MPH
-There is only 1 queen in the hive, and she can lay up to 2,000 eggs per day
-We need honeybees for survival to produce food
-Honey bees love color, so make sure to plant lots of color in your garden. They are most attracted to red and Purple.

Maia Waldroff

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