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Tips from the Designers

“I like to use the tried and true ‘Thriller, filler, and spiller method’ for my potted arrangements. Some plants that work well together are Apostle Iris for a thriller, Creeping Jenny for a spiller, and Vinca or Begonias for a filler.” -Penelope

“One of my favorite plant combinations to use in the landscape is the Coontie Palm in front of the Sunshine Ligustrum. This creates a nice contrast with color as well as texture. Adding a perennial such as Agapanthus will add a third layer that gives you some summer color.” -Bethany

“One of the plant combinations I love to use is Loropetalum, Jack Frost Ligustrum, and liriope. You need at least a 6 foot bed to complete this look, but the contrast between the foliage and textures gives you the perfect layered landscape.” -Aimee

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