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Things to do in October

As a previous northerner, it always makes me chuckle when talking about the cooler fall temperatures in Florida. (Really? 75 is now cool for me?) BUT you couldn’t ask for better weather to get outside and spruce up your yard before the holidays.

Now is a great time to plant some cool weather annuals like Snapdragons, Petunias, Coleus, and Dusty Miller. Purchase a pumpkin or two to add some Autumn vibes!

Adding mulch to your yard will create a fresh and clean look just in time for the holidays! It will also minimize weeds, help with water retention, and protect your root systems.

Begin thinking about any transplants you may want to make. Things like Crape Myrtles or Drake Elms will begin dropping their leaves and going dormant. This will be the best time to transplant items to a different spot in your yard.

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