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Shade Tree Benefits

Adding a shade tree to your yard can have multiple advantages. Below are some of the top reasons to plant one today!

Maximizes Energy

By planting a shade tree, you not only cool off your home and garden in the heat of the summer, it also acts as insulation during the winter, blocking your home from the cold and wind.

Increases Property Value

According to the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers, the value of a mature tree varies between $1,000 and $10,000 depending on the tree’s location, size, and health.

Attracts Beneficial Wildlife

With trees in the yard, they will provide shelter to birds, bats, and frogs. All of which help eliminate harmful insects in your garden!

Improves Soil Quality

The leaves that fall from shade trees add nutrients to the soil once they break down. You can also save the leaves in a pile to begin composting and have nutrient rich soil available year round!

Improves the Outdoor Living Area

Shade trees bring a sense of peace and tranquility to the yard. By adding one to your outdoor living space, you will want to spend more time outside enjoying the shade and nature it brings!

Top Shade Trees for Our Area

Live Oak

These native trees have large beautiful canopies that will last for years to come!

Red Maple

Red Maples are quick growing trees that offer color in the spring and again in the fall. Their new growth is a red color which is displayed in the growing season, and the leaves change slightly during defoliation in Autumn.


This tree is a staple in the south. With its gorgeous white blooms and large glossy leaves, this tree is beautiful year round!

Winged Elm

These fast growing trees have cork-texture growths on the bark which are called “wings.” They have a beautiful growth structure that will add interest to the yard with and without foliage!



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