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Recognize Poor Planting Techniques and the Consequences of Improper Mulching

This tree was planted too deep and is in decline.
This tree was planted too deep and is in decline.

Planting trees is all about the details. For example, did you know the tree will settle and actually sink a few inches? This is why it is important to plant above ground level and never cover the top of the root ball.

Did you know that mulching right against the trunk of the tree can actually cause the tree to decline over a period of years?

How about root girdling? Can you recognize a girdling root? We know someone who can answer all these questions.

Early McCall is a local Arborist in Fernandina Beach, Florida; certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. He has over 36 years in Forestry with a Master’s of Science in Forestry and Genetics. He offer’s services such as Tree Risk Assessment, Diagnosis of Disease and Insect problems, Tree Care, Palm Advice and Tree Appraisals for Insurance Claims.

Click Tree Planting to read his article with pictures from local trees he has assessed and saved.



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