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Rainy Season Preparation

Will it ever stop raining? At this point it feels like it never will. The end of spring does not mean the end of rain for us in Florida. While we cannot control the weather, we can control how much our landscape must withstand on its own.

The runoff water from a storm can drown a garden if not properly directed. Make sure the drains from any structures nearby are turned away from any part of your landscape that may seem to be prone to flooding. If you need a bigger fix, swales are another way to divert runoff water. Swales are a depression in the landscape that give water a new way to flow. Think of it as a river; add pebbles, rocks, and deep-rooted plants to make the swale more effective as well.

Once a storm has passed, you will want to avoid working in your landscape until your soil has had enough time to absorb the rainwater. If you step onto water-soaked soil, it can cause air pockets within the soil that will make it hard for roots to get the oxygen they need to survive. The air pockets can also cause your landscape to become dry and hard once storm season comes to an end, which makes it difficult to work with in the future.

Keeping up with a maintenance routine is also another way you can be proactive when protecting your landscape during this stormy season. Creating a routine can eliminate the possibilities of your landscape being unprepared for surprise storms, which we are very accustomed to in Florida. For example, you can prevent falling tree limbs by keeping up with pruning and treating it for parasites when necessary.

When it comes to your safety and the safety of your property, you can never be too careful. If you are ever unsure of how to prepare your yard in any way, give us a call at any of our locations and we would be happy to answer any kind of question you may have!

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