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Alocasia Elephant Ear

Mature Height

5-9 feet

Mature Width

5 to 8 feet


Part Shade

Flower Color




Growing Zones

9 to 11


Alocasia spp.

Alocasia’s large leaves bring a lush, tropical look to any area and works great as both a houseplant and a landscape plant!

Water Requirements: Above average waterings. Water Alocasia when the top of the soil dries out. Keep moist but do not allow conditions to be soggy. Stop watering in winter during dormancy.

Soil: Well-draining, loose soil that is kept consistently moist.

Growth Rate: Rapid growth during growing season which slows down significantly during winter dormancy.

Temperature: Enjoys high humidity. Hardy to 50 F. Will need to be covered in winter!

Pruning: The size dimensions will vary depending on use and variety. Alocasias used as a houseplant will tend to stay smaller. Generally, pruning is not required, but unsightly leaves can be removed at the base if desired.

Toxicity: Toxic to humans and animals when ingested.

Tips: Alocasias really enjoy liquid fertilizers in the spring!



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Dark Green and Purple, Light Green

Salt Tolerance

Cold Tolerance

Growth Rate


Mature Height

Mature Width


Alocasia Elephant Ear