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Plants for the Summer

Living in Florida, we experience brutal summer temperatures. Luckily for us we are able to stay cool with air conditioning… but our plants however are not this lucky. Most of us don’t want to run our irrigation systems daily, but we also don’t want to have a yard of dirt. The best way to keep your yard looking great during the heat of the summer is by using drought tolerant materials.

One of our favorite plants at the nursery for full sun includes succulents. These colorful plants come in all shapes and sizes, do great in full sun, and require little to no water. They do great in pots or in a small rock garden. They can be planted with Agaves, Aloes, Bulbine Grass, Yuccas, and grasses to give you different textures in the landscape.

If you have a yard that mostly consists of shade you can use Ferns, Liriope, Hostas, and Ajuga.

Make sure you apply a nice layer of mulch, pine straw, or leaves to the landscape to help with water retention.

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