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Love gardening but hate the heat? Take a break from your landscape and take the time to focus on adding complimentary pieces to your home. Nothing makes a home like some nice greenery!

Plant choices will depend on the type of light you have in your rooms and how much maintenance you are willing to give.

Pictured on the left are Mona Lavender plants, which do great in a bright window, or outside in the shade. They require regular watering, and do best with fertilization three times a year. These plants have dark green foliage with a purple underside, and lavender colored blossoms through the spring and summer. Note how the contrast of burnt orange pots really makes the purple pop! Finding the right pot for your home is just as much fun as finding the right plant to go in it!

Pothos make a great addition as a hanging  plant. These low maintenance plants enjoy a wide range of environments. They can be grown in low light or direct light, can be planted in soil or in a vase with water.

These plants are easily rooted by cuttings. If your pothos plant is variegated especially with white or cream colored variegations as pictured on the right, they will do better in a brightly lit space because the green areas are what create energy for the plant. If it is not getting enough light, the plant will most likely revert back to a fully green leaf.

Sanseveria which has few different names like ‘Snake Plant’ or ‘Mother-in-Law’s Tongue” is a very low maintenance plant with numerous different varieties. Place it in bright or low light, and no need to water frequently.


A very popular choice, but one that may require a little more maintenance is the fiddle leaf fig.  These large-leaved specimens love a sunny window and regular watering. They bring interest and height to any home.

Ferns add texture to rooms with bright light. They typically like to stay moist so may require watering every week.

Succulents are great for a small space as they don’t take up much room as a table centerpiece or in a small pot on a windowsill.


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