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Fall Guide to Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses are a sure thing for Fall interest. In this article we’ll cover a variety of grasses and when to cut back for next year’s plumes.

Some of our favorites include the native Muhly grass, Cord grass, Red Fountain Grass, Fakahatchee, and non-natives such as Pampas grass and Lemon Grass.
If you have wet conditions, Cord Grass (Spartina alternifolia) and Fakahatchee are great plants as they are found near banks and marshes throughout the Atlantic coast. They adapt well to their environments and can with stand periods of drought and standing water like the natural tides they are accustomed to on a daily basis. They can also be used for erosion control and do not need to be cut back annually.

In general, all these grasses are great for erosion control as they clump and can take over a designated area. Muhly grass, Pampas grass and Red Fountain Grass all have showy plumes that will emerge late summer through fall. Cutting them to the ground will encourage vigor in spring’s growing season. Cut them back as soon as the plumes start to turn brown.

Lemon grass is extremely easy to establish and adds a bold texture and unique architecture to the landscape. You may need to give it a trim twice year to keep it contained or give adequate space for it to sprawl over.
Although drought tolerant, all grasses will need adequate water to establish themselves in the new landscape during the first year.


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