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April Newsletter

Now is a great time to sow your seeds, propagate cuttings or transplant over grown plants. Morning or evening time is the best time to avoid over stressing the plant. Be sure to water daily to prevent transplant shock. If your leaves droop, continue to water, even 2x’s day if needed.

Fertilize plants now to nourish them for the massive growth spurts the warmer temperatures will bring.

For those concerned about the water restrictions, their is an exception for those who need to water new plants according to the St. John’s Water Management District:

Irrigation of new landscape is allowed at any time of day on any day for the initial 30 days and every other day for the next 30 days for a total of one 60-day period, provided that the irrigation is limited to the minimum amount necessary for establishment.


Familiarize yourself with your new/prospective plant’s soil requirement. Some plants thrive in any type of soil and others require specific needs such as well drained, moist, or hummus soils. By amending soils at planting time, the plants will have a better time adjusting to their new site, and will look healthier and thrive.

Name That Plant!
It’s hard to overlook these when they are in bloom. A must have for any southern garden. This particular variety is a dwarf shrub. You may have seen it’s cousin, the larger shrub with purple flowers, or white, or pink! Excellent for part shade, part sun.

See what it is here!

Soil Conditioner

Great for amending soils for acidic loving plants such as azaleas and camellias, or a soil that is high on the ph scale or soils that need better drainage. Composed of composted materials.

Moisture Mate

This rich soil is a perfect amendment for your plants that like a little wet feet or mix with sandy soils to retain water.

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