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6 tips for the New Mom

Bringing home new plants can be both exciting and nerve racking… especially if you have failed before or don’t have a green thumb. Fear not! We have these simple guidelines to help you have success.

1. Start with “Easy” Plants


Start off with something low maintenance. Succulents, cactus, Sanseveria, and Pothos, are all great beginner plants. Succulents and cactus do great in full sun, and won’t mind if you forget to water them for a week…. or two. Sanseveria and Pothos are perfect for those low lit areas, under a patio, or in shade. They both will tolerate negligence, and Pothos will be fine if you water it too much! People who don’t have success with plants at the beginning usually get over excited and “kill them with kindness.” Be sure not to over water, especially those drought tolerant plants!

2.Provide the Bare Minimum

Plants need the right light, temperature, and water to thrive. You can’t brighten up that half bath with no windows or light with that succulent, I’m sorry. Give your baby the best chance with the correct environment!

3.Follow the Instructions

The care instructions aren’t something to be taken lightly. They’re telling you exactly what to do. If you aren’t sure, ask your Sales Associate at Liberty, or do a little research!

4.Mark your Calendars

Try putting a notice every week or two in your calendar to send you little reminders to give you plant some lovin’!



You’re more likely to take care of something if you spent a little extra on that adorable pot, or that cute fairy furniture, or bag of pea gravel to complete the look.

6.Have fun!

Gardening is a lot of trial and error. Don’t get discouraged! Have fun with the process!

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